Saturday, May 25, 2013

Feeling ill?  Under the weather?  A touch of the flue, bronchitis or pneumonia?  Depressed?  Lonely?  or All of the above?

The Cure? =  LOVE

Love.  It can embrace a broken heart,
That has been beaten, torn and battered.
It can make a simple little thing important,
When it doesn’t seem to matter.

It can lend a listening ear, 
when one is down and out.
It can instill a sense of worth, 
when self esteem is but a doubt.

It can cause one to feel some joy, 
When there seems to be none around.
It can utter sweet kind words,
Where only verbal abuse was found.

It can put a song into a heart,
That never knew one before, 
And pave the way to happiness, 
Opening up many doors.

Love, doesn’t have a cure, it is the cure!
It is the only medicine for all ailments.

Life is about 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you do to make it happen!

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