Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

 The secret to living a long healthy life? It really is quite simple; to eat, sleep and play healthy, live without stress, laugh often, and love always.  I wrote a poem for everyone who is getting up there in years, and having yet another birthday, do not worry, you are not getting old, you are simply mature.  My birthday was just last week, so I suppose this now applies to me as well!

Happy Birthday 

When you go to the drugstore, and the clerk is a gent.
From your purchase this chap, will take off ten percent.
You will ask for the cause of a lesser amount;
And he will say, "Because of the Seniors' Discount."

You can go to McDonald's for a burger and fries;
And there once again, get quite a surprise.
You can order a coffee and dance with glee, ‘cause
The clerk will say, "For you Seniors, the coffee is free."

Understand - You’re not old - You’re merely mature;
But some things are changing, temporarily, I'm sure.
The newspaper print gets smaller each day,
And people speak softer - can't hear what they say.

Your teeth are your own (You have the receipt),
And your glasses identify the people you meet.
Oh, you’ve slowed down a bit...not a lot, I am sure.
You see, you’re not old...you’re simply mature.

Your hair is changing, is it bleached by the sun?
You should see all the damage that chlorine has done.
Washing your hair daily has turned it all white,
But don't call it gray....saying "blond" is just right. 

Your car is all paid for...not a nickel is owed.
Yet some kids yell, "Old geezer...get off the road!"
Your car has no scratches...not even a dent,
Still, you get all this stuff from a punk who's "Hell bent."

Your friends all get older...much faster than you.
They seem much more wrinkled, so don’t feel so blue.
You've got "character lines" not wrinkles...for sure,
So we won’t call you old....just call you mature.

The steps in the houses you may visit today
Are so high that they take all your breath away;
And the streets are much steeper than ten years ago.
That should explain why your walking is slow.

But keep up with what's hip and get a new pole
I think you can still dance a mean rock and roll!
You’re still in the running...in this I'm secure,

Happy  Birthday!!

Written by Yolanda Pacheco Garcia and can be found in her new book, "Awakening Love".